Surreal digital art


In search of art within the bits realm
Technology presents artists a limitless opportunity for original art creation. The real potential of these tools is still in the process of being mastered by artists. Audience taste and perception are still evolving towards understanding the beauty and artistic legitimacy of these works. In any case its momentum is growing steadily to let it become a well established art expression and I'm proud and happy to be part of it.

Contemporary artist studio

Maurice Bogar in his studio - Photo:


Exalt frivolity and worship of women
Comics and anime have had the strongest influence on my artistic preference. As a child I used to draw the heroes of these stories and the essence of these images is hidden in my work. While I absorbed the aesthetics of the comics genre, my topic is the form and beauty of womankind. I use the female figure insatiably, repeating it constantly. It provides infinite opportunity to create charming smooth lines, emotion, mystery and sweetness. These figures illuminated with just one light render enough shadow to create volume. I intentionally use shadows as part of the composition, to be a focal point to create balance or imbalance as necessary.

I challenge myself to limit the amount of colors I use. Color should not compete with form. A work must be complete with just a few colors. My preference is for saturated colors. My goal is to motivate the viewer's perception. The aesthetics of flat paint is very clean and is also consistent with my anime influence. It departs from camera-created reality. I don't try to represent volume with gradients of light and shadow. A painting without color gradients combined  with clean shapes presents the viewer with a harmonious new version of reality.


2015 – Group exhibition - Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Dessert, California. USA
2014 – Group exhibition - Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida. USA
2013 – ArtExpo New York - SouthFloridaArt Gallery, New York, New York. USA
2012 – Art Shanghai - Latin-American Pavillion & International Wing. Bandi-Trazos Gallery. Shanghai. China.
2012 – Miami River Contemporary Art Show - Konzeptuart Gallery, Miami, Florida. USA
2012 – "Without a veil" BeArt Series, Eurosuites-Doral, Miami, Florida. USA
2012 – “Capturing The World for UMA” group exhibition SBA Gallery - Coral Gables, Miami, Florida. USA
2012 – “no name show” Doral Conservatory & School of Arts, Doral, Miami, Florida. USA
2011 – “Art Basel Week” group exhibition Alma Fine Art, Wynwood (Miami), Florida. USA
2011 – “Collective Souls” group exhibition Alma Fine Art, Wynwood (Miami), Florida. USA
2011 – Group exhibition - Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida. USA
2010 – Group exhibition - Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida. USA
2009 – Dejalon Fine Arts, Miami, Florida. USA
2009 – Expresarte Galeria, Caracas. Venezuela.
2009 – German-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, Caracas.
2008 – Centro de Arte Innovador, El Hatillo, Caracas. Venezuela.
2008 – Galeria D’Arte, Caracas. Venezuela.
2007 – Orion Art Group, Toronto. Canada.
2005 – Solaje Centro de Arte, Lecherias, Anzoategui State,
2002 – Galeria La Cobacha, Caracas. Venezuela.
1998 – “Huellas” Embassy of the Czech Republic, Caracas.
1989 – “Plastic Dolls” Espacio Tres, Caracas. Venezuela.
1986 – “Young Talent” group exhibition Culture Department of
Simon Bolivar University. Caracas. Venezuela
1985 – “Impressions” group exhibition General Consulate of Peru, Caracas. Venezuela.



2002 a 2003 - Disciple of Master Painter Benito Cerna, awarded
Silver Medal at the SNBA show Carrousel du Louvre 2008, Paris. France.
1983 a 1985 - Disciple of Professor Istvan Horvath, who was awarded The Danube Award 1952, Budapest. Hungary.